We are one of the best interior design firms in Lagos, Nigeria. We work with our clients to create functional, beautiful, and timeless designs.
The client’s aesthetic and functional needs are very important in developing designs that work with their lifestyles.

Our designs emphasize the details that reflect the essence of our client’s needs, personality and individual style. At the same time, we strive to find solutions that maximize the use and function of the space, paying particular attention to intelligent living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bath solutions. Our goal, is that the final results appear as if they have naturally evolved over time. Each project complements the home or business and allows the owners to add their own pieces that reflect that personal touch.

Whether you are interested in a small design project or a complete remodel, we will create an interior design plan tailored specifically to your needs. Our attention to every detail, including your budget, deadlines, and scheduling, ensure we will deliver a product that exceeds all expectations.

Our Design Philosophy: Our clients and we are a team. It’s about creating environments together that feel good for you to live in. It supports your spirit and who you want to be. It lends itself to creating experiences. It doesn’t define you, you define it. It reflects you, it doesn’t make you. It’s what makes a house a home.

Our mission is why we design. Our clients are why we succeed. We value our passion for design excellence, commitment to a culture of inquiry and a tradition of innovation. Rasebud Interiors is where we inspire to create world – class homes, offices, schools, Hotels, and individual clients by providing Excellent, Exquisite, Exclusive and Exceptional services considering our clients judgment, hobbies and desired goals.

To become one of the best leading Interior Design firm in Africa.

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·        Furniture Making
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